film und sprachtransfer


"Film dialogue is prose - the subtitle is the poem"

For more than 25 years, alias has been looking for the perfect subtitle. In the meantime we have developed the "10 Commandments of subtitling" and have spoken about them in various seminars (eg. at the University of Hildesheim and the Sophia Antipolis University in Nice).

We pay attention to the cut and the rhythm of the respective film, to linguistic nuances and musical spotting.

Chinese subtitle: “Shaman of the Blind Country", 1980/2014, Michael Oppitz, Nachtaktiv Film

We know how important good subtitles are when a film is looking to embark on an international career. Our team works in all formats and is up to date with the latest technical developments.

We are the last stop in a long post-production line and you are pressed for time, OK, but make time for us! We are ready to subtitle your rough cut and create the basis for dialogue with co-producers and editors.

In the end, you’ll not only save your time and your nerves, but also your money, even with the version for those with hearing loss!

One of our bilingual subtitle projects (English / Czech): Curator tours, Staatliche Schlösser Sachsen


As a little taster, here are the 1st and 7th commandment:

1. Look closely at each movie before you start the translation.

7. Thou shalt not write unwieldy sentences.