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The many years of experience gained by company founder Dagmar Jacobsen as a producer of international feature and documentary films is embedded in alias.

Douce France - a film essay by Jeanine Meerapfel

Encuentro - a documentary by Thierry le Nouvel

We have never stopped producing or co-producing film projects that are close to our hearts. We are never out of practice and are always up to date with current content and the technical and financial aspects of European film production.

Cornelia Hammelmann, who has been thoroughly involved in European film funding for many years, has been contributing her extensive knowledge of this field since 2017.

Von - The fictional life of Erich von Stroheim

alias is currently developing the following documentary films:


The fictional life of Erich von Stroheim, a feature documentary by Mark Kidel in co-prodution with Yuzu Productions (Christian Popp), Paris and Argot Productions (Antoine Desvigne), Brussels.


A film essay by Jeanine Meerapfel, in co-production with Malena Films, Berlin


A documentary by Thierry le Nouvel in a co-production with 24 Images (Farid Rezkallah), Le Mans


2016, direction, production: Dagmar Jacobsen

Camera: Oliver Wolff

Editing: Alina Drescher

Artist Portraits: The photographer Tina Winkhaus